RECIPE: Iced Salted Caramel Mocha

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Since becoming a mom, coffee has been a morning routine necessity! Nothing’s better than a perfect cup of hot coffee, but after tending to Hazel I always came back to cold coffee. And let’s be honest, reheating coffee in the microwave just isn’t the same. I’ve now moved to grabbing cold brew out of the fridge for iced drinks - since they hold up so much better and it’s all I have time for. Enjoy this quick and easy recipe, and feel like you've treated yourself to something special from a fancy coffee shop.


1/2 cup cold brew coffee (I make my own, but you can grab some from my friends at Anchorhead Coffee that is AMAZING)
1/2 cup milk
2 TBSP Crafted Confections Fleur De Sel Caramel
1 TBSP chocolate sauce (any will do, I love this recipe, I always have a jar in my fridge)

Lightly Sweetened Whipped Cream:
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/2 TSP powdered sugar
1/2 vanilla bean, split in half, scrape the seeds

Crafted Confections Fleur De Sel Caramel Sauce
Fleur De Sel Salt (or any chunky salt, Maldon is also great)
Sprinkles (optional, but great for holidays, or just for fun) 


1. Pour cold brew into microwavable cup. Put in chocolate and caramel sauce. Microwave in short intervals, stirring in between. You want the chocolate and caramel to be completely dissolved.
2. Pour cold brew mix into serving glass. Pour milk into serving glass.
3. Set glass in fridge, make the whipped cream.

Whipped Cream:
1. Pour heavy cream in small bowl and whisk until light peaks form. Normally I whisk everything on my KitchenAid, but this is such a small amount it will whip up fast. 
2. Once light peaks form, add in powdered sugar and vanilla bean. Whisk together until firm peaks form.

Pull out glass from fridge, top with ice. Top with whipped cream. I like using a cookie scoop for my whipped cream so I can get the perfect mounded shape to top my drink with. Using a squeeze bottle or spoon, lightly top the cream with caramel. Sprinkle with a pinch of chunky salt and sprinkles. Enjoy!

This recipe is easy to double or quadruple and keep in the fridge (coffee mix and whipped cream separate) so that you can quickly whip it up whenever you'd like. 

I would love to see any pictures of your version of this magical drink. Make sure to tag us, or you can use the hashtag #CraftedConfections.

Whitney Heinrich
Whitney Heinrich


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